Our Products

AC Signs expert designers, fabricators and installers have the necessary technical skill and creative insight to develop signage that will stand out and fulfill the branding goals of your business. Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of formats and materials to choose from. Some of the most popular and cutting-edge alternatives are:

Electronic Displays They offer unsurpassed versatility by allowing the user to change its text and content, electronic displays allow unlimited message updates, and rich features such as full color and video.

Wall Signs They are a great alternative for indoor mall signage, wall signs can be illuminated or not; flat or raised; or any combination of these features.

Standard Channel Letters They are a unique and elegant way to illuminate your sign by delivering a bright and colorful impression 24 hours a day.

Exposed Neon Letters They are illuminated letters or entryway signs that are used to attract drive-by customers during the day and at night.

Back-lit Channel Letters They offer an elegant alternative for illuminated signage, especially for high-end businesses that do not require the extra visibility that other styles of channel letters provide.

Architectural Signs They can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. AC Signs offers a variety of attractive and durable architectural sign solutions that can incorporate your logo, color palette and graphics in a professional aesthetically pleasing manner.

Pole Signs They are large site signs which provide the basic information that prospective tenants or purchasers need to inquire about a vacancy. AC Signs recommends them for construction sites or commercial businesses, because pole signs draw attention to the property and direct customers to the property representative or sales office.

Non-illuminated Cut-out Letters They are permanent signs created with dimensional letters to prominently display your company name and promote your image. They can be fabricated for indoor or outdoor use, using a wide variety of materials including more durable options such as acrylic, komatex and aluminum that will ensure years of outdoor usage.

Blade Signs They can help establish or enhance your corporate image by allowing sign and bracket customization, with or without illumination, that will highlight your business in a commercial site. Our deep knowledge of different methods and techniques in this field is unparalleled.

HDU Engraved Directional Signs Can be created using 3-D modeling, we can do large quantity runs, and we have the capability of designing in large dimensions because we own the sign trade's largest CNC router table (5' x 10'). AC Signs' is a unique resource for CNC routing of a variety of substrates, by utilizing a wide range of router bits to 'mix-medias' and achieve a one-of-a-kind displays that demand attention.

Our Monuments Signs Traditional brick mason manufactured. AC Signs also offers monument signs that are complete systems delivered and ready to install. By simply picking the model number that goes with your architecture, then selecting the type of signage you want applied, you can place your order. These units arrive fully assembled for AC Signs to conduct the install inclusive of materials required, with the exception of concrete.

The Sandblasted Redwood Signs They can be created using a broad spectrum of materials such as wood, sign foam, HDU, PVC, glass, stone, tile, marble, brushed & mill finish metals, vinyl, MDO & MDF. This type of sign is an appropriate solution for signage that will be dedicated to identify a residential entrance, as development directional signs, to business park tenant signs, as lobby or reception displays, church reader boards or to a golf course.

Contact us today and we will guide you through the options that will best suit your company. AC Signs will listen to your specifications in order to propose a design which will allow you to showcase high-quality signage that will make a positive contribution to your branding efforts and not only meet but exceed your expectations.