Our Services

From concept and design to fabrication and installation, AC Signs provides turn-key solutions to property and business owners seeking high-quality, visually appealing signs that will enhance their branding and marketing initiatives. We provide all-inclusive services starting with a one-on-one consultation with one of our sign specialists that leads to the development of a relevant design that we can manufacture and place of your custom sign, even securing municipal authorizations as needed.

Sign Fabrication Our team of technical designers and sign fabricators have garnered over 20 years of combined experience in the sign manufacturing industry. Coupled with the latest computer-aided machinery they can produce just about any type of sign, following the highest manufacturing guidelines and using top-quality materials.

Sign Installation AC Signs will fulfill your sign manufacturing project, ensuring the end result is a clean and attractive installation regardless of whether your project is a simple request or a highly detailed order that requires the expertise that our team of professionals can deliver. We have the capability of installing a full-range of signs, including vinyl, wood, metal and all forms of electrical signage. For aerial installations, we have an 80-foot bucket truck that allows us to reach the most difficult locations.

Sign Repair and Maintenance AC Signs is fully equipped with the right team to service your property or company's signage so that it performs to its fullest potential. We can address all electrical sign repair and maintenance requirements which include any Neon, L.E.D and Fluorescent lighted signs that have presented any issues.

Simply contact us and one of our AC Signs representatives will gladly assist you with your signage needs.